Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I don’t think they’re dresses sensibly for this climate.

I'm sure it won't rain today.

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday.

She hasn't got enough money to by a pie.

I haven't been swimming this year.

I wouldn't swim in that river, it's too dangerous.


My dad’s Ducati is black.

       2. The girls’ are dancing.


I went to the beach with my two friends and my brother went too.

The shop by her house was a good place to buy ice creams.

The children put their coats over there by the tree.

I'm not sure whether or not the weather will be okay for biking in the weekend.

I know I have done no work today.

I seen a bear drinking a bottle of beer last night.

I walked into my house and said sarcastically that I was riding a unicorn and my sister shouts “lies!” As she lies on the couch.

My friends led me to a trail of led pencils.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A volcano erupted in Auckland. And when all the scientists went to go test all the dirt and and rocks and slightly hardened lava, they found some sort of chemical for medicine but their wasn't much of it, with the chemical they created a cure for cancer. But because there wasn't much of the stuff they found in the eruption they couldn't make much of the cure which made the cure for cancer all more expensive so only the rich could afford it which then created tension between both rich and poor. The rich took all of the medicine and because the poor couldn't afford it anyways they were given the option to die when they wanted or live the rest of their life they had left. Lots of the people who couldn't afford it chose to die instead of suffering. And after that the world was running out on the cancer cure so scientists starting researching where else they could get the chemical, but didn't manage to find it, what they did find is that there were surveillance cameras everywhere that caught everything, from the eruption to the suicide interviews. The scientists were given permission to let the interviews out to the world. The whole situation was turned into a documentary about cancer called “To die or to live” By Karly and Rebecca.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maui = Maui
Hell god=  Rarohenga reware

People say that at the very bottom of the ocean a door exsted, the door to HELL! The mysterious door sat in the darkest place of the ocean where no fish dared to go, and no boats ever traveled over the top.
The door sat at the bottom, because if any nasty prisoners tried to escape the prison of deep dark fire, they would suffer by drowning,  trying to swim to the top of the dark haunted sea and if they even made it back to where they came from, they'd suffer more for trying to escape, ending back up in hell.

One day a handsome, strong, young man, a demi god!, his name was Maui.
Maui was the most daring Demigod of them all.
Maui was traveling to the bottom of the ocean to the door of hell, because he was in search of his beautiful mother, that he once laid eyes on a long time ago. His mother had beautiful long brown hair that fell softly over her ears, dark brown eyes that shimmered in the light and flawless brown skin that was as soft as silk..
He was told by his uncle that when he was born,  the hell god, Rarohenga Reware,  had taken her to make her his wife, she had left Maui when he was born  because Rarohenga Reware threw, Maui into the sea so his mother could have nothing to do with him, and from that day he lost her, she was gone. Maui was desperate to find his mother and see her again. So
he set out to do so.

He traveled to the bottom of the ocean transforming into a shark, using the power of his magical fish hook, with the fish hook he would be able to take any form so he could shapeshift into any animal he wanted or needed. Maui was swimming swiftly through the water and after what would have seemed like forever to anyone else stupid enough to go toward the door of great evil, it was short to Maui because he has so much power and is as fast as a cheetah! Or in this case as fast as great and powerful shark. Maui had made it to the bottom of the ocean and entered the deep dark door of HELL! When he entered all you could see was fire everywhere, lines of steel cages that seemed like they went on for miles hanging over the fire, chains dangling the prisoners cages from the roof, with one long stone pathway. All of them trying to escape. Fire in their eyes. As you walk through you can hear the piercing sound of screaming, yelping in pain and horror.
Maui carried on transforming into different types of insects so he could blend in with the flies that were flying around the dead bodies.
Maui flew to the end of the long line of cages and found his mother chained to a pole next to Rarohenga Raware throne, she could tell it was her because she was the most beautiful of woman that he had ever seen.
Rarohenga reware could smell Maui,  as he had a strong sense of smell, Rarohenga reware left the dark door of hell and swam to the top of the dark ocean, Maui quickly followed, Rarohenga aware flew out of the water , Maui took the form of a eagle and Maui and Rarohenga reware quickly turned to battle, Maui kept changing into different forms as he dodged and blocked all of  the fire balls that Rarohenga Reware was throwing.
Maui tried to escape and when he turned around he quickly dodged the strongest fire ball, and when he turned back around the fire ball hit the green lake which caused it to bubble then the heat sunk down. Maui quickly went back into the water grabbed his mother and swam away using the form of a octopus, clinging his tentacles around his mother holding her tight.
He came back up out of the water when he had finally reached the Land Of The Long White Cloud that he had pulled up from the ocean when he was fishing for kai for the village,  and without a doubt, he could tell his mother had drowned,  he tried to save her by thudding her chest  but it was too late.
As the years went on he thought about what he had done to save his mother, and he thought he would have rather saved her,  instead of leaving her there to suffer for her life, and as the years went on  the Green Lake started to bubble, the hot heat ball that Rarohenga reware fired at Maui, was so powerful that, not only did it make the green lake bubble, it spread throughout the whole of New Zealand.
Creating  mud pools because the heat started to rise from cracks in the ground,  and it also created geysers because the heat would become trapped then it would burst out creating geysers.
And that's why we have geothermal activity, today.  

By Maea Hay and Karly Skipper.

Monday, March 20, 2017

What I want to accomplish by the end of the year.

What do you want to do before the end of the year

By the end of the year I want to have accomplished something. Obviously. And when I say accomplish something I don't mean by the end of the year I want to eat a full Big Mac combo and not feel so full that I think I'm gonna puke! I mean  something good, something better than that.

I want to become a better sibling and or daughter and be a better person all together. I want to go outdoors more often, get fit or even just slightly maybe. I want rise up/get better in all of my subjects even if it isn't much as long as I'm learning something or not going down. And more probably, I can't think of anything now but…….


                       My favourite memory.

 My favourite memory, even though I don't really remember the whole thing, even though it is a memory and your supposed to remember memories I don't remember much, but the parts I do Remember were pretty great.

I remember that my whole family apart from my mum had gone to my Koro graham’s house. My koro’s house is mostly surrounded by beach land and he owns most of it so we went down to his beach. I also remember that when we were there the weather was perfect! The sun was shining, the water wasn't too cold and there was a nice steady breeze. The day altogether was perfect! Apart for the bit where I was making a sandcastle ( I was only like 5 years old) I went to go get water for my awesome miniature sand castle when I almost got sucked out in the tide, my dad had to come out to grab me and I felt like the water was gonna eat me alive because it was so deep when it was only up to my dad's thighs! Even though how scary that was, (and it was so scary man,) when I think about it now it just makes me laugh! soooo……… technically the whole day was still great. The rest of the day is kinda blurry I remember running on the sand and having really nice food, but then again how could I forget about food? I'm me! I also remember when we were about to leave the rest of my family was packing up while I was running On the sand with my koro’s black lab. We finally said all of goodbyes to our family and got in the car finally the last thing about that day that I remember was the bright warm sun shining through the window onto my skin.